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 Terms & Conditions



The parties in the Booking Agreement are: -

Accommodation Provider

Accommodation Provider named on the Booking Form.



The Customer(s) named on the Booking Form.


A)This Booking Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the Customer(s) and the Accommodation Provider. For avoidance of doubt, the term “Customer(s)” refers to the Customer(s) collectively named on the Booking Form at the time of making the Booking.

B)This Booking Agreement is to be read in conjunction with the Booking Form. This Booking Agreement is effective and constitutes a legally binding agreement at the time the Booking Form is completed. This Booking Agreement will incorporate any of the wordings relating to that Booking Form. Should there be, for any reason, discrepancy between the Booking Form and this Booking Agreement the Booking Agreement shall take precedent.

C)This Booking Agreement details the terms conditions and obligations between Accommodation Provider and the Customer(s).

D)When there are when multiple Customer(s) named on the Booking Form. A single Customer known as “the Lead Customer” will be named on the Booking Form. This Customer must be over 18 years old and authorised to make the Booking and to accept the terms and conditions within this Booking Agreement on behalf of all the Customers named on the booking form. The Lead Customer will be the primary point of contact between Accommodation Provider and any other Customer(s) on the Booking Form.

E)The Customer(s) agrees to pay the Accommodation Fees as set out on the Book Form. Payments are to be made in advance. Failure to pay in advance will automatically terminate the Booking and the Customer(s) may be liable to costs associated with Cancellation.

F)This Booking Agreement does not and is not intended to give or to impose on the Customer(s) any of the rights and obligations of a Tenant nor does it give the Customer(s) right to exclusive possession of any Accommodation which you may be allowed to use, or create the relationship of landlord and tenant between the parties.

G)The Customer(s) is not entitled to a tenancy or to an assured shorthold or assured tenancy, or to any other statutory protection under the Housing Act 1988 or to any other statutory security of tenure whatsoever when this Booking Agreement and Booking Period ends.

H)This Booking Agreement is an excluded Agreement for the purpose of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

I)This Booking Agreement refers to the Accommodation and Services described in Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 of this Agreement.

J)This Booking Agreement is granted on the expressed condition that the Customer(s) accept this Agreement and attached Schedules which are collateral to the Booking Form and not mutually exclusive.

K)The Terms and Conditions of this Booking Agreement become valid upon completion of the Booking Form and payment of the Accommodation Fee.

L)Accommodation Provider expressly reserves the right to allocate suitable alternative Accommodation in the event the booked Accommodation is not available or unsuitable for any reason.

M)In the unlikely event the Accommodation becomes unavailable, because of force majeur or for any reason that makes the Accommodation unfit for habitation before or during the Booking Period, for any reason. You will be first be offered a suitable alternative Accommodation or alternatively, the right to a full refund. Accommodation Provider will not accept liability for consequential loss or incidental expenditure or any other compensation to Customer(s) for cancellation or for securing alternative accommodation elsewhere.

N)Cancellation by Customer(s) will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to 7 days.

O)This Booking Agreement does not require either Accommodation Provider or (Customer(s) to give any form of notice to each other at the end of the Booking Period.

P)Accommodation Provider reserves the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason.

Jaylets use third parties to check that booking information provided is legitimate. We reserve the right to refuse admission to people who book using false statements. In this circumstance we do not offer refunds if we have less than seven days to reject the booking and resell the room.

Q)In the event that any particular clause within this Booking Agreement is legally invalid that shall not invalidate the remainder of this Booking Agreement.

R)This Booking Agreement creates a contractual relationship between Accommodation Provider and the Customer(s) for the provision of Accommodation upon payment. This contract is governed by English Law. Any dispute, claim or any other matter that arises out of this contract shall be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales.


A)“Accommodation” means that described on the Booking Form at the time of booking or any suitable alternative provided by Accommodation Provider during the Booking Term.

B)“Accommodation Fee” means the fee payable for the Accommodation for the duration of the Booking Period. This is to be payable in advance as documented on the Booking Form.There is absolutely no right to remain in the Accommodation if the Accommodation Fee has not been paid in advance.Any failure to pay the Accommodation in advance will result in the immediate termination of this Agreement.

C)“Accommodation Type” means the type of Accommodation which is described on the Booking Form.

D)“Booking Agreement” means this agreement which is to be read in conjunction with the Booking Form.

E)“Booking Form” means the form that is completed at the time the booking is made.

F)“Booking Period” means the date(s) which the Customer(s) has booked the Accommodation for.

G)“Building” means the building or buildings mentioned in the Booking Form.

H)“Communal Areas” means those parts of the Accommodation which are available for use by others including Customer(s) for access between the Accommodation.

I)“Contents” means the furnishings, fixtures and fittings in the relevant area.

J)“Customer(s)” means the individual(s) entering into this Booking Agreement.

K)“External Parts” means the outdoor Parts of the Building and Accommodation.

L)“Lead Customer” means the lead Customer as named on the Booking Form entering into this Booking Agreement on behalf of the other Customer(s) named on the same Booking Form.

M)“Service Media” means central hearing and hot water systems, electrical services for power and lighting, drainage and water services, and any data or phone services provided.

N)“Services” means services provided by the Accommodation Provider, which includes a cleaning service and clean linen (bedsheets, pillow cases and duvet covers) and clean towels.

O)“Shared Facilities” means any shared facilities such as kitchen, bathroom, Communal Areas as described on the Booking Form.

P)“Termination” means the ending of the Booking Agreement and the requirement to vacate the Accommodation.

Q)“Visitor(s)” means any person not a Customer(s) on the booking form invited by the Customer(s) into the Accommodation.

R)“WIFI” means internet wifi signal in the Accommodation.


4.This Booking Agreement is made on a joint and severally liable basis which means that all of the named Customers on the Booking Form will be held responsible for the Customer Obligations under this Booking Agreement.In the event of non-payment of the Accommodation Fee and/or any other breach of the Booking Agreement, any individual or group of Customers named on the Booking Form may be pursued. This means that legal action may be brought against any of the Customers on the Booking Form. Notice to terminate the Accommodate Agreement by one Customer shall automatically terminate the Agreement for all Customers on the Booking Form.


6.This Booking Agreement cannot be transferred or assigned to any other Customer(s) or any other individual.

7.This Booking Agreement shall end automatically without any notice if the Customer(s) vacates the Accommodation.


9.The Customer(s) accept the following conditions:

9.1Any obligation upon the Customer(s) under this Agreement to do or not to do anything shall also apply to all other Customer(s) on the Booking Form and any visitor(s) of the Customer(s);

9.2To pay the Accommodation Fee in full, in advance, in a manner specified on the Booking Form, for the occupation of the Accommodation, as agreed, with Accommodation Provider;

9.3To vacate the Accommodation when the Booking Period ends;

9.4To occupy the Accommodation and not share or sub-let the Accommodation with any non-Customers without expressed permission from Accommodation Provider;

9.5To pay all of Accommodation Provider costs, fees, expenses (including VAT), on an indemnity basis, incurred by Accommodation Provider (including, but not limited to) Solicitor and other professional advisors in respect of:

(i)The enforcement of any of the provisions of this Booking Agreement.

(ii)The recovery of any Accommodation Fees which are due or any other monies

payable by the Customer(s) to Accommodation Provider and if Accommodation Provider has cause to write to the Customer(s) due to unpaid Accommodation Fees or for any reason following a breach of this Booking Agreement a charge will be levied for each letter sent on the following scale:

First Letter (no charge)

Second Letter (£25.00)

Third Letter (£25.00)

Fourth and any subsequent letter (£25.00)

(iii)Any such payment due under this clause can be withdrawn from the card details provided at the time of the Booking or can be off-set against Customer(s) money held by Accommodation Provider.

(iv)The service of any written notice relating to the breach by any Customer(s) of any of the Customer(s) obligations under this Booking Agreement whether or not the same shall result in court proceedings

(v)The cost of any Bank or other charges incurred by Accommodation Provider if any payment including cheque by the Customer(s) is dishonoured or if any standing order payment is withdrawn by the Customer(s) bankers

9.6Not to carry out in the Accommodation any trade profession or business or receive any paying Customer(s) or exhibit any poster or notice board so as to be visible from the exterior of the Accommodation or to use the Accommodation for any other purpose than its intended purpose.

9.7To not use the Accommodation for immoral, illegal or improper purposes.

9.8To not commit or allow Customer(s) or visitors to commit at or near the Accommodation:-

(i)Criminal Offence;

(ii)Harassment or threat of harassment on the grounds of race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation which may interfere with the peace, comfort of or cause offence to any other Customer(s), visitor(s) or employee of Accommodation Provider including any tradesperson(s), agents, or contractors;

(iii)Nuisance or intimidation or physical, verbal or written abuse against any other Customer(s), visitor(s) or employee of Accommodation Provider including any tradesperson(s), agents, or contractors;

9.9To keep the Communal Parts (if any) of the Accommodation in a good and clean state and condition and not to damage or injure any furniture, fixture or fittings or any other items within the Accommodation;

9.10To take reasonable care to keep any Communal Areas including entrances, halls, stairways, lifts, passageways and any other parts clean and fit for use.

9.11To not to block or cause hindrance to the Communal Areas and not to do or permit to be done on the Property anything that may reasonable be considered to be a nuisance or annoyance to Accommodation Provider or any other Customer(s), visitor(s) or employee of Accommodation Provider including any tradesperson(s), agents, or contractors or the occupiers of the adjourning property.

9.12To not to make any noise or play any hi-fi, radio, television, musical instrument, or other sound producing equipment in or out the property so as to cause nuisance to any other Customer(s), visitor(s) or employee of Accommodation Provider including any tradesperson(s), agents, contractors, or the neighbours or other adjourning residents or any people in the immediate area between the hours of 10.30pm – 7.00am nor outside those hours to be a nuisance to any other adjourning residents or people in the immediate area. If a warning is provided for breach of this clause the Customer(s) must immediately stop making the noise.

9.13To keep the interior of the Accommodation in a good and clean state and condition and not to damage or injure any furniture, fixture or fittings or any other items within the Accommodation;

9.14To take reasonable care and precaution to prevent escape of water from the water fittings at the Accommodation.

9.15To provide Registration Details on the Booking Form of any vehicle(s) which may be parked at the Accommodation. Parking enforcement may be in place, therefore, it is important to provide Vehicle Registration details in advance.

9.16To not park any vehicle(s) at the Accommodation or block driveways or other such access paths unless expressly authorised by Accommodation Provider.

9.17To not tamper, interfere with, alter, or add to, the fixtures and fittings or other installations or meters relation to the supply of such services to the Property.

9.18To not bring into the Property any furniture or furnishings and other personal effects that does not meet the required safety standards.

9.19To not smoke or to permit any other Customer(s) or visitor(s) to smoke tobacco, or any other substance in the Property. Deterioration of the interior caused by nicotine/tobacco or any other smoke is not considered “fair wear and tear” and the Customer(s) will be held liable and responsible for all costs incurred associated with damage from smoking including; painting of any discoloured walls/ceilings; replacement of the entire room carpet or any other floor covering damaged by any burns; and any cleaning costs associated with removal of the smell of smoke within the Accommodation

9.20To not keep any dangerous or inflammable goods, materials, or substances in or on the Accommodation apart from those required for general household use

9.21To not install, take into, use or keep in, the Accommodation any heater or like object which requires paraffin or other gaseous fuels, and not to burn candles in the Accommodation

9.22To not keep any animals, reptiles, insects, rodents or birds at the Accommodation

9.23To not block or cause any blockage to the drains and pipes, gutters and channels in or about the Accommodation.

9.24To not use any form of heating other than the heating system provided without prior written consent from the Accommodation Provider (not to be unreasonably delayed or withheld)

9.25To not bring in to the Accommodation any electrical equipment which does not comply with relevant UK/European electrical regulations.

9.26To take all reasonable precautions to prevent damage occurring to any pipes or other installation in the Accommodation that may be caused by frost, provided the pipes and other installations were adequately insulated at the start of the Booking.

9.27To take all reasonable precautions to prevent condensation by keeping the Property adequately ventilated and heated.

9.28To notify Accommodation Provider of any defect in any smoke detector immediately.

9.29To not to damage the Accommodation or the contents therein. If damaged, the Customer(s) must make good damage to the Accommodation or the Communal Areas or to the fixtures and fittings or furnishings caused by the Customer(s) or any visitor(s), fair wear and tear excepted, and to pay any costs incurred by Accommodation Provider in carrying out such works in default.A Damage Schedule is available which lists the replacements costs of each item. A copy of this Schedule is available at request.

9.30To not make any alteration in or addition to it or the electrical or plumbing system and not to decorate or change the style or colour of the decoration whether it be internal or external, nor to erect any aerial or satellite dish without the express written permission of Accommodation Provider.

9.31To not remove any contents, including fixtures and fittings and any furniture or household objects from the Accommodation

9.32To notify Accommodation Provider as soon as reasonably possible, having regard to the urgency of the matter, of any defect in the Accommodation

9.33Where the Accommodation includes Shared Facilities, to take proper care of the contents and clean as appropriate after use.

9.34To promptly and when necessary notify Accommodation Provider of any replacement required of any light bulbs, florescent tubes, fuses or batteries.

9.35To place all rubbish in the designated areas for rubbish collection

9.36To keep the exterior of the Building free from rubbish and place all refuse containers in the allocated space for collection on the day of collection

9.37To place any rubbish neatly in the designated area in the correct containers provided for that purpose.

9.38To not deface, make any alternations or additions to the interior or exterior of the Building

9.39To keep the furniture, soft furnishings and equipment in their present state of repair and condition and to replace with similar items of equivalent value and standard, any items of furniture which may be found to be missing or destroyed (reasonable wear and tear excepted)

9.40To not move any furniture from its position in the Accommodation

9.41To not permit additional Customer(s) which would cause the Accommodation to become overcrowded in breach statutory guidelines which may be in force at the time

9.42Not to affix any tape, bluetac, nails or pins to any wall in the Accommodation

9.43To not do or permit to be done anything which could cause any Insurance Policy held by Accommodation Provider to become void/voidable or subject to an increased rate of premium.

9.44To act courteously to any employee, agent, cleaner or tradesperson instructed by Accommodation Provider to enter the Accommodation.

9.45To permit the Cleaner employed by Accommodation Provider to enter the Accommodation to carry out all cleaning duties throughout the Accommodation at any time necessary. The Cleaner has keys/keycodes and is permitted enter any part of the Accommodation.

9.46To permit access to any employee, agent, cleaner or tradesperson instructed by Accommodation Provider to enter the Accommodation for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

9.47To permit immediate entry, at any time, without the need to provide notice to enter in the event of an emergency or if reasonable suspicion exists that there is an illegal activity taking place in the Accommodation.

9.48To read and obey the fire regulations displayed around the Building and applicable to the Accommodation and to not remove, damage or interfere with fire prevention or fire-fighting equipment, notices or any such items provided to ensure the safety of residence.Customer(s) are reminded that it may constitute a criminal offence to tamper with fire safety equipment.

9.49To keep fire safety doors accessible, free from hindrance, and closed at all times.

9.50To take reasonable care when leaving doors and windows opening during the day and night to prevent theft

9.51To not set off a fire alarm without reasonable cause for doing so. If a fire alarm is unnecessarily set off without just and reasonable cause a fine will be imposed equivalent to 1 night’s stay.

9.52To only cook (if permitted within the Accommodation) and never leave any item on/in the cooker/microwave unattended

9.53To not leave cooked food in Communal Arrears unattended.

9.54To not distil/brew alcohol in the Accommodation

9.55To be familiar with the fire safety meeting point as identified on the fire safety notices displayed and assemble at the Fire meeting point in the event the fire alarm should be raised.

9.56To take reasonable care when using electrical sockets in the Accommodation and not to overload any individual socket with multiple extension leads and devices.

9.57To not use in the Accommodation any electrical equipment other than a mobile phone, laptop, desktop PC. Any other electrical equipment will require prior consent. Consent shall not be granted for kettles, toasters, refrigerators, fridge freezers not supplied by the Accommodation Provider.

9.58To not possess or keep within the Property any offensive or dangerous weapon such as a knife, sharp pointed object, bb gun or firearm

9.59To not light any fire or barbecues at the Accommodation internally and externally.

9.60To not store any bicycle, canoe or similar large item that would not be stored normally in this type of Accommodation.

9.61To not use the Accommodation as a storage facility.

9.62To not affix any screws, nails or adhesive on the outside or inside of the Accommodation walls for the purpose of hanging any object(s).

9.63To not distribute the key/access code to anyone not a Customer(s) including visitor(s).

9.64To remove all personal belongings and goods from the Accommodation at the end of the Booking Period. Accommodation Provider takes no responsibility for belongings or goods left at the Accommodation.If the Accommodation Provider does find any personal belongings or goods these shall be held a reasonable period before being removed/destroyed.

9.65To arrange personal insurance for personal possessions or belongings. Accommodation Provider does not accept liability for theft, loss of or damage to personal possessions. It is further recommended travel insurance is purchased, in advance of the Booking, for cover in case of a cancellation.

9.66To report any complaint immediately to Accommodation Provider during your stay.Any complaints following your stay must be sent in writing within 28 days of departure providing the full details of the complaint.

9.67To not allow any overnight visitor(s) without expressed consent from Accommodation Provider. Accommodation Provider have absolute discretion to refuse entry of any Visitor(s) without providing any reason.

9.68To vacate the Accommodation on the departure date by 12:00 hours/12pm. The following late fees shall apply if the Customer(s) have not vacated the Accommodation.

(i)£0.00 between 12:00 – 12:15pm

(ii)£25.00between 12:15 – 2:00 pm

(iii)Full Day rate after 2:00pm

10.Accommodation Providers Obligations: -

11.To make the Accommodation ready for check in/arrival by the Customer(s) on the date of the Booking between 16:00 hours/4pm and 22:00 hours/10pm. There is no obligation to provide the Accommodation any earlier than this.

12.To provide keys or digital access codes at the time of Arrival.

13.To relocate a Customer(s) to another accommodation in the event the Booked Accommodation is not available.

14.To provide a call out service in the event of an emergency.

15.To provide fire safety equipment in compliance with Fire Safety Regulations and laws.

16.To ensure that all furniture and equipment provided within the Accommodation complies with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended in 1993.

17.To ensure that gas appliances supplied at the Property comply with Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 and that the Accommodation possess an up to date Gas Safety Certificate should one be required.

18.To keep in repair the structure and exterior of the Property (including drains, external pipes, gutters and windows.

19.To keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the Accommodation for the supply of water, gas and electricity and for sanitation (including basins, sinks, baths).

20.To provide adequate lighting and heating in the Accommodation and endeavour to replace any lightbulbs and heating devices within a prompt and reasonable timescale.

21.To provide hot and cold running water in the Accommodation. In the event the hot water is not working to make prompt and reasonable endeavours to fix this.

22.To insure the Accommodation against Fire and Flood damage.

23.To provide satisfactory furniture as illustrated and described on the Booking Form.

24.To maintain and repair the Accommodation including fixtures and fitting, appliance and furniture to a reasonable standard in a reasonable timescale.

25.To dispose of rubbish deposited in the correct waste disposal receptacles

26.To provide Access to WIFI (wireless internet) via main internet service provider. In the event the internet signal is lost or the WIFI is not working Accommodation Provider shall make prompt and reasonable endeavours to fix this.

27.To provide a Cleaner to clean the Accommodation including the communal areas, outdoor areas and glazing.

28.To provide a Gardener to maintain the garden (if necessary)

29.To provide Customer(s) with clean linen including duvet cover, bedsheets, pillow cases when requested by the Customer(s).

30.To provide Customer(s) with clean towels when requested by the Customer(s).

31.To provide a vacuum cleaner at the Accommodation.

32.To provide Mop & Bucket and cleaning items at the Accommodation.

33.To provide a Washing Machine at the Accommodation.

34.To provide a microwave, kettle and toaster at the Accommodation.

35.To provide tea and coffee making facilities at the Accommodation.

36.To provide adequate vermin and pest control (should this be required).

37.To ensure appliances supplied with the Accommodation are working correctly and to make prompt and reasonable endeavours to fix any appliances.

38.Immediate termination if the Accommodation Fee is not paid in advance.

By completing the Booking Form you hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions contained within this Booking Agreement.

Damages or additional costs Schedule:

Payment Issue: 

Agreement will be cancelled unless paid in full prior to arrival. Disputed payments after the reservation has expired will be pursued and any costs incurred during the pursuit of monies owed will be passed onto the customer.

Breaking House Rules: 

Charge to repair/ clean a room that has suffered smoke damage is £100

Holding a party is not permitted in our accommodation. Additional cleaning costs and security attendance to such an incident will be assessed per occasion. We charge £20hr for cleaning and £50 per callout per security operative for dealing with such incidents.

Breaking quiet hours will incur a security callout charge of £50

Additional guests will be charged at £20 per person plus any security requirements (£50 per hr per person) in dealing with the matter.

Breach of check in/ check out times will be charged at £20 hr plus any costs of relocating any affected guests or staff.

Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Guests will be asked to leave immediately and a charge of any security requirements will be levied at £50 per hr per operative.

Leaving the property excessively dirty will be charged at £20 hr additional cleanup fees.

Damage to the property will be charged at full retail value of replacement items plus any loss of sales revenue if the room cannot be sold during the refurbishment period. Copy of invoices will be supplied.

Illegal activities will incur a charge of any security operatives time in dealing with the incident at £50 hour per operative. This may include time consulting with the police.